This privacy statement sets out the privacy policy of this website, including information about the collection, use and disclosure of certain information made by the Defending FoRB website.

The purpose of collecting data from visitors on this website is solely to collect anonymous statistics on the usage of the website.

Collection of information

This website receives and stores anonymous information about you through Fathom Analytics. We have chosen Fathom as analytics provider for this website for the very reason of protecting your privacy. Fathom offers analytics that collects and tracks only anonymous data without using cookies.

Usage Data

When you visit our website, Fathom Analytics will register your visit and anonymise your data and how you use this website. This means that Fathom will turn your computer's Internet Protocol address (e.g. IP address), browser version, unique device identifiers and other diagnostic data into anonymous data that cannot be traced back to you. All data collected is aggregate data without personal information.

Location Data

Fathom Analytics does not use and store information about your location except for country of origin.

Tracking & Cookies Data

This website does not use cookies. This website through Fathom Analytics stores data by using multiple, unrelated complex hashes to track visits to this site and pages on it. You can read about how Fathom collects data here.


If you have privacy related concerns, please contact us on